Syncast™ Polyamide Calender Rolls


Richard Hough Limited introduce the latest technology polyamide rolls for textile finishing calenders.  





Richard Hough Limited (RHL) of Bolton, England - a specialist in the manufacture of calender rolls for over 200 years, have recently introduced a high performance polyamide textile calender roll cover to their range.


Roll edge marking and web defects due to roll surface marking have been virtually eliminated, meaning greatly reduced quality defects and significant savings in production costs.


Syncast™ is a uniquely elastic, thermoplastic polymer that has been specially developed for textile calender rolls. Syncast™ roll covers are centrifugally cast at high speed (2000m/min), ensuring the expulsion of all air bubbles and impurities from the cover. Internal stresses are minimised as Syncast™ is cast at temperatures below the melting point of the polymer. Optimum molecule length gives the Syncast™ roll cover excellent elasticity and mark recovery, with minimum shape distortion. Syncast™ roll covers are fully annealed and ultrasonically checked, guaranteeing optimum quality and performance.


Roll covers of over 7m (280") face length and up to 1.25m (50") diameter can be manufactured utilising the largest centrifugal casting capacity in the industry. The brand new centrifugal casting technology includes fully computerised control systems and newly designed mixing technology for the highest quality results.


Syncast™ can be fitted as a replacement cover for existing polyamide rolls or supplied as a complete new roll.


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